My value as a business lawyer and technology lawyer arises, in large part, from the time I have spent embedded within technology companies, both public and private, as legal counsel. This experience enables me not just to provide the legal counsel and legal services requested by clients, but to advise on the real-life application of that legal counsel to businesses in the form of designing and implementing workflows, dataflows, procedures, and policies that are practical, efficient, and tailored to the size, maturity, and resources of a given business or department.


  1. Entity formation (corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships)
  2. Entity dissolution (wind-down)
  3. Operating agreements, shareholders’ agreements, partner agreements
  4. Asset and stock purchase and sale agreements
  5. Contract drafting and negotiation
  6. Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs), Confidentiality Agreements, Mutual Nondisclosure Agreements (MNDA)
  7. Corporate Governance
    a. Board Meeting Conduct and Administration
    b. Meeting Minutes
    c. Board Notices and Agendas
    d. Directors’ Written Consent, Unanimous Written Consents
    e. Signature Authority
    f. Secretary’s Certificates
    g. Certificates of Incumbency
    h. Power of Attorney
    i. Certificates of Incorporation, Charters
    j. Certificates of Good Standing
    k. Bylaws
    l. Operating Agreements
    m. Intercompany Agreements (or Intracompany Agreements)
  8. Intellectual Property
    a. Trademark
    b. Copyright
    c. Invention Disclosure Forms
    d. Patent Mining, Patent Prospecting
    e. Patent Committees
    f. Open Source Software use and contribution
  9. Human Resources
    a. Employee onboarding agreements and notices
    b. Invention Assignment Agreements
    c. Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs), Confidentiality Agreements, Mutual Nondisclosure Agreements (MNDA)
    d. Funded Head Agreement
    e. Consulting Agreement
    f. Employee Handbooks
    g. RSU Grant Agreements

Software, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Information Technology, Data, Artificial Intelligence

  1. Contracts, Agreements, Terms of Use, Terms of Service – Drafting and Negotiation
    a. Artificial Intelligence (AI) licensing, training, deployment, and use agreements
    b. Software license agreement, Customer Agreement, End User License Agreement (EULA)
    c. Master Services Agreement and Statement of Work (SOWs)
    d. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Agreement
    e. Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs), Confidentiality Agreements, Mutual Nondisclosure Agreements (MNDA)
    f. Service Level Agreements (SLA)
    g. Data Processing Addendums, Data Processing Agreements (DPA)
    h. Website Terms of Use
    i. Trademark Usage Guidelines
    j. Take-down Notices for Copyright and Trademark Infringement
    k. Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMS)
    l. Sub-processors Notices, web pages, and workflows
    m. Outsourced software development agreements
    n. Software Forge Agreements
    o. App Marketplace Agreements (both for end users and developers)
    p. Community Terms of Use, Forum Terms of Use
    q. API License Agreements
    r. Developer Network Agreements
    s. Partner Program Agreements, Channel Partner Program Agreements
    t. Tech Partner Program Agreements
    u. Bug Bounty Program Agreements
    v. Responsible Disclosure Agreements
    w. Software Reseller Agreements
    x. Software Distribution Agreements
    y. Managed Service Provider Agreements (MSPs)
    z. OEM Software Agreements
    aa. White Label Agreements
    bb. Sweepstakes and Contest Agreements
    cc. Funded Head Agreement
    dd. Free Trial Agreement, Trial License Agreement
    ee. Software Escrow Agreements
    ff. SaaS Escrow Agreements
    gg. Contract Negotiation Playbook
    hh. Data license agreements
    ii. Not-for-resale Agreements (NFR)
    jj. Referral Agreements
    kk. Joint Marketing Agreements (JMA)
    ll. Procurement Lobbying Agreements
    mm. Technical Support Agreements, Technical Support Addendums
    nn. Flow-down Agreements, Back-to-Backs
    oo. Subcontractor Agreements
    pp. Marketing Development Fund Agreement (MDF)
    qq. Consulting Agreements
  2. Policies & Procedures
    a. Privacy Policy, Privacy Notice
    b. Cookie Policy
    c. Accessibility Policy
    d. Data Deletion Policy, Data Retention Policy
    e. Promotional Credits Policy
    f. Regional Data Hosting Policy
    g. Sub-processor Policy
    h. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
    i. User Content and Conduct Policy
    j. Open Source Software Policy and related notices and procedures
    k. Email Marketing Policy
    l. Text Message Marketing Policy (SMS/MMS)
    m. Marketing Content Review Policy
    n. Restricted Country List